We pitched and won Adidas Training.
The idea behind the win:
You don’t have to go 100% all the time, it leads to burn out.
It’s much more effective to train with balance, at a speed that feels right for you. Not what society/ media has drilled into us. Somedays you are 99% and go IN with your training, somedays you’re 20% where you just want to laze around with a big bowl of cereal and watch Netflix, doing the odd yoga tutorial in-between episodes… and that is totally fine.
Welcome to the new way of training. FCK100
We worked on the strategy, came up with the creative concept, executed it through a series of social visuals, activations and film scripts, worked with design on our approach, and created a mood film to sell in the work.


FCK100 pink

Gif Fck100  GIF Fck100 2